2. Princess

Time: 8 weeks
Genre: Point and Click Adventure
Number of People: 4 programmers, 4 artits


The story is about a princess trying to keep the monarcy alive in the land while the villagers are trying to overthrow the king. You will meet the witch of the woods and see birds firing rifles in this game.


Make a Point and click game like sam and max or day of the tentacle. Lots of events and a fun story.

Making The Game:

Princess was our first c++ game on the school. We decided to go with standard point and click adventure style like sam and max. This game was all about learing object oriented programming. You learned alot about during this projekt and it was a new way of working with the artists. The artist and programmers had a hard time cooperating during this projekt. We also had to thread the rendering and input of the game for practise.

My Responsibilities:

  • Created the eventsystem
  • Involved in the threading of the input and graphics
  • Pathfinding
  • Created the dialogsystem and wordwrapping