About me

ChristianMy name is Christian Thuresson and I am working as a programming teacher at The Game Assembly.

I’ve previously worked at Massive a Ubisoft Studio as a gameplay programmer. where I worked on multiplayer in Far Cry 3.

I’ve been making games since upper secondary school. My Primary Areas is 3D and Gameplay programming.
I’ve have exellent understanding of C++ and had a partime job as a ActionScript 2.0 programmer.

I’ve made 8 games during my time at The Game Assembly. all but one can downloaded under the games tab.
We make 4 games during our first year and 4 during our second. The second year we work in the same group on all projects.

On my spare time I play alot of games and practice football. I’m also working on a small 3d engine with network capabilities and lua scripting support. for the network I’m using raknet and for xml reading tinyxml otherwise all is made from scratch.