6. Trolls and Gnomes

Time: 10 weeks
Genre: RTS
Number of People: 5 programmers, 5 artists


Make a guided adventure with three distinct characters. Slaying alot of gnomes.

Making Of The Game:

In this project we had alot to do a modelviewer, level editor, heightfield rendering use havok and alot more so we felt that the game was never completly finished. This project was important for us in many ways since we got a animation system and havok. Theese to features was used alot in our FPS game so we didn’t feel that we wasted our time with thoose. However the leveleditor was hard to make good enough on such short time.

My Responsibilities:

  • EventSystem
  • Creating all events and triggers
  • Animationsystem
  • Animation on poinlights
  • MultiThreading the 3d engine
  • Creating our own modeldata format