Light Objects

Today I finished my light rendering. I found it annoying not to see where my point lights where located so I added support to render a 2d image on a 3d position in the world. Here’s the result.


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I’m right now working on the modelviewer for my engine I’m going to add some values to tweak per model such as textures, shader defines and add lights to the model this is the first screen from the tool. It’s right now only loading simple collada meshes I’m planning on adding more collada support later and creating my own model format.



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I’m Back

Time to make new updates for my website and maybe keeping it going this time. So right now I’m working on a 3d engine on my spare time while working as a teacher at the game assembly. I’ve also released a game since my last update. so here are some pics of my current project. one image is to show the support to load a collada mesh from one of my school project. the other two images are from the same game with a diffine set for 2d rendering or 3d rendering. Will post more updates soon. Next up will be a modelviewer and the creation of my own file format.

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Hi and welcome to My name is Christian Thuresson I’m a gameplay programmer at Massive Entertainment in Malmö Sweden. Here you can find all the games I’ve been working on and you can download most of them on their respective game pages.

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